How to get your own domain on

“Wait a minute!”, you say. Did I read that right? I thought you couldn’t get your own domain name on; that whatever domain you choose had to end in, like in

It’s true that if  you really want your own domain name on WordPress, you have to get a web host and go with (see my last post for a versus .org discussion). But I’ve found a workaround.

Pink Anemone Fish from

This workaround only makes sense if you’re too cheap or don’t want to pay to host your own WordPress blog, and .com provides you with all the features you need for now.

I bought my own domain name called, not surprisingly, “”. When you type in my domain name in your browser, with or without the “” extension at the end, they both end up pointing to my wordpress blog. It cost me about $11 on Plus, you get the option of, when the user gets redirected to your blog, whether your new domain name or the wordpress URL get displayed in the browser. In your account, under your domain->All Host Records, select “URL Redirect” if you want the wordpress URL to be displayed after the redirection; or select “URL Frame” if you want your new domain to be displayed after redirection.

That’s it! Enjoy your fun tip of the day.

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