How to Add Non-Product Pages to a Yahoo Store

Hope you are all having a great start to the new year! I’m starting off the year by making good on a promise I made in a previous post on how to add links to non-products pages in the left navigation bar of a Yahoo Store.

As I explained in that previous post, the Yahoo Store interface is very rigid and you can really only add links to products in the left navigation bar. However, I found a workaround to that, so if you wanted to add other pages, say a contact form or an events page, like what I’ve done for my past client, The Mom and Paw Shop , there’s a way to do that.

Image of book representing Yahoo Store tutorial

Tutorial for adding non-product pages in a Yahoo Store

Here are the steps to creating a non-product page and how to add a link to it in your Yahoo Store. These steps must be done in your Yahoo Store Editor. Hope you find this helpful!

A) Create a new non-product page.

1) Select the Home page.
2) While on the Home page, select the Section option. This will create a new page that’s accessible from the home page.
2) Fill in the “Name” box with the name of the new page. Your page will now be called “Name.html”.
The Store Editor will also auto-generate an id for your page based on its new name.
3) Write content in the “Caption” box.
4) Write content in the “Headline” box. (optional)
5) Click on Update.

These steps create the page, but now you must add a link to it that will NOT be attached
to the product links in the left navigation bar.

So, next step…

B) Remove the link to the new page from the left navigation bar.
1) Select the Home page.
2) Select the Edit option.
3) Remove the id of your new page from the Contents box (it should be the last id since it was just added).
4) Click on Update.

Finally, you want to add a link to your new page in the 2nd left navigation bar, right underneath the product navigation bar

Yahoo E-Commerce Icon

An online Yahoo Store will display this icon

C) Add link to new page in left navigation bar
1) Select the Variables option.
2) Go to the “Html-below-left-nav” box.
3) In this box, add a new item to the list code for the 2nd navigation bar and point the list item’s link to your new page. (If you haven’t already, in this box, add a header <h1, h2, etc.> and then start an unordered list of all the non-product links you want for the 2nd navigation bar. Then, you can add your new list item).
4) Click on Update.