I’m Now Titanium Certifed – Just Passed the TCAD Exam

I just passed the Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD) exam today! Woo hoo!
Okay, so besides bragging rights, what does being certified mean?

From the Appcelerator Titanium training page, the certification “recognizes development professionals who successfully pass our Titanium Certified Application Developer exam. Appcelerator’s “Building Native Mobile Apps” training prepares developers for the certification exam.”

Okay, so what does the “Building Native Mobile Apps” class cover?
Well, you could read the training page in the link above if you have the time, but in a nutshell, you get to build a mobile app that runs on Android and iPhone.

It’s their TiBountyHunter app, which may be of limited use to actual bounty hunters, but it allows you to keep track of fugitives that you’ve caught and ones that are still at large. While building the app, you get to learn how to use Titanium’s JavaScript libraries; how to add media such as pictures; how to use geolocation and add maps to track your fugitives; how to save data to a database and to the app’s filesystem; and even how to brag about your fugitive captures by posting onto Facebook!

I’m so happy to be done with the exam. I put a lot of work into studying for it. Would you like to join me in a celebration? 🙂
Glass of champagne

June 2013 Update:
As of April 2013, I’ve also passed the Titanium Certified Mobile Developer certification exam (the new and improved version of the TCAD exam), as well as the Titanium Certified Expert exam (the advanced Titanium course). You can see for yourself on my Appcelerator DevLink profile page.

11 thoughts on “I’m Now Titanium Certifed – Just Passed the TCAD Exam

    • Awesome. There’s quite a bit of new and updated material since the first time I took the exam. I’ve taken both the TCD (Titanium Certified Developer) and TCE (Titanium Certified Expert) courses this past April 2013 and passed both exams. Take good notes and pay close attention during the lectures. All the exam questions come straight out of the class labs and lectures. Good luck!

      • I would say that the act of studying for the certifications has helped me, more so than the certs themselves. It’s a very subtle distinction. What I mean is, if you learn just enough to pass the tests, then you won’t get very much out of it. And the instructor lead classes are pretty intense – you get a lot of information in a short amount of time, like taking water from a fire hose. But if you take the time to really apply the lessons from the classes, such as by re-doing the labs outside of class (without looking at the solution code right away! :)), and writing a bunch of sample apps to test your knowledge of what you learned from the classes, that is a much better way to solidify your skill than just taking the tests and then moving on. But the material from the classes and also the tests are a great way to guide you (like a map or blueprint) to learning the most important aspects of the Titanium API, especially the concepts that you are most likely to encounter in building any mobile app. Hope that helps!

      • You’re welcome to check out the apps listed in the links on the right side of my website (only visible on the full website, not the mobile version), or read about my apps on the Portfolio page. Best!

    • The exam, by the way, is now called the TCD or Titanium Certified Developer Course. There are no sample questions available for the exam and we’re not allowed to post real questions for the exam anywhere (even if we could memorize them!). The best way, in my opinion, to prepare for the exam is by taking the instructor led course and taking good notes. The exam is given at the end of the course and is open book. A schedule of the classes are available here: http://training.appcelerator.com/schedule . This article is also another good resource to prepare for the exam: http://fokkezb.nl/2013/01/02/tcad/ . Good luck!

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