Fishing Knot Tyer App Now In Android Market

After much fanfare and anticipation, the Android version of the Fishing Knot Tyer app is finally in the market! I’ve made a few changes to it since I last wrote itFor one, I got rid of the tabs so now all the screens display in a single window. Second, I made the video stretch to fit the screen. It might make the video look a little grainy, but it makes it easier to see the knot (which is the reason why you would get this app in the first place). Finally, I put the knots in the list in alphabetical order. Overall, I think the app’s much better and I hope you like it, too.

Download a free copy by going to , click on Android Apps, and then search for “Fishing Knot Tyer”. Alternately, you can also click here to take you to the download page directly.