infoGuide Launches GTO Guide App

My product company, infoGuide Apps, has launched the first mobile app in our series of classic car apps – “Classic GTO Guide powered by infoGuide”. It’s available for download on the App Store and Google Play, and of course, it was built on the Appcelerator Titanium platform. It’s free and if you like it, please support our business by writing a review. 🙂

Below is a re-blog of the post, which appeared originally on the infoGuide Apps website.

We have released the much-anticipated first mobile app in our series of classic car apps: the Classic GTO Guide, powered by infoGuide!

iOS intro screen
Intro screen of iPhone version

And what a mouthful that name is!  We usually just refer to it by its shortened name, “GTO Guide.”  It’s available, for free, in both the Google Play and the App Store.


The GTO guide is free, but even if we were charging for it, it would offer a lot for the money.  What makes the infoGuide series of mobile apps different?

-dozens of exclusive high-resolution pictures of every year of classic GTO — not just a bunch of links to Wikipedia

-Helpful captions for every picture

-Interesting historical information on GTOs, as well as information about powertrain options and production numbers

-A true mobile app, not a web app — so it’s fast!

-A constant wifi connection is not required for the app to work; only to update it — so it’s portable!

-The innovative ‘info’ screen, which gives you the information you want when you want it

Android info screen
info screen for the Android version

Whether you’re on the go or browsing at home, learn about classic cars the easy way, with GTO Guide powered by infoGuide!

Special thanks to everyone who’s helped us along the way, from letting us use their pictures, to lowering the hood of their car, to that one  helpful guy who proofread all our copy (you know who you are! :) )

Would you like to see more mobile infoGuides to classic cars?  Download a copy of our app and write a review!  That’s it.  The more reviews we get, the more downloads we get, and the more ideas we have of what to build next!

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