“Save The Water Pipes” Wins Excellence Award in IoT China Contest

The “Blue Team”, the team behind the “Save The Water Pipes” project, has returned home to the US after a successful trip to China. The “Save the Water Pipes” project is a freezing water pipe detection and prevention system. It detects when water in a pipe is about to freeze, and drips a faucet to allow water to flow through the pipe until the temperature rises, and then automatically shuts off the faucet. Its purpose is to prevent water damage to homes and buildings in cold areas caused by freezing pipes breaking, while dripping just enough water to prevent the pipes from freezing and prevent water waste. Continue reading

6 Ways Being a Titanium Dev is Like Being a Native Mobile Dev

It’s 2016, and Titanium has come a long way. Recently, Appcelerator, the company that makes Titanium, has just been acquired by Axway. Titanium has become one of the best, most comprehensive, native cross platform mobile technologies out there, with perhaps only React-Native catching up very quickly. Even so, there are still many misconceptions about Titanium that exist today — misconceptions that keep developers and companies from fully utilizing Titanium’s power. But wait, there’s more…