Internet of Things

Oh, some time ago, I had a great year working on hardware and doing Internet of Things projects. Nowadays, I’m mostly working in native iOS development! But here’s a stroll down memory lane, and who knows, maybe I’ll have some time to do another IoT project on the side someday. 😉

Since we did so well at the Intel Roadshow Denver hackathon, my team  and I decided to give it a shot and compete in the 2016 China-US Young Maker Competition. We were selected as one of the top 10 US semifinalists, and competed in China in the final round of competition, where we placed 11th out of 64 teams overall.

Here’s the blog post on how we did in the final round in China, along with a description of our project improvements:

Save The Water Pipes! wins “Excellence” Award in Final Round of IoT China Competition

Here’s a video of our original online submission:

Here’s a link to our full application submission to the China-US Young Maker Competition:

Save the Water Pipes! application submission

Here’s a video of our award winning project from the Intel Roadshow Denver hackathon:

Part of the email announcing the winners of the Intel Roadshow Denver hackathon. Yes, yours truly is in that picture for the first place team. Also, my team members Crystal Gannon and Eric Richardson. Thanks to Crystal and Eric for working with me. We make a great team!

Email Announcement Winners

Email announcement – we won!

Controlling LED Lights with a Website and Mobile App

I wrote a series of articles on how to build an IoT system to control LED lights on an Intel Edison board using a website and an iOS mobile app. The articles are no longer on the BeMyApp website, so the following are the rough drafts of the tutorials prior to publication.

Control LED Lights with Mobile App

Control LED Lights with Website

Control LED Lights – Hardware Setup Only

Video of that system:

Setting up a Stepper Motor with the Intel Edison Board

Here’s an instructable for how to set up a stepper motor with the Intel Edison board:

And the video that goes with that instructable:

Learn about the hackathon that helped start it all: