Native iOS Development (Swift and Objective-C)

As an iOS Developer for the Simply E project for Minitex, I’ve contributed to these repositories:

And several others in this group:

I also have multiple, personal native iOS Swift projects on my Github. Here are a couple of notable ones:

Udacity iOS Nanodegree (Swift)

Market Apps (Developed in Objective-C & Swift)

  • NameThatPet is an iOS app that generates fun names for your pet & includes pictures!
  • FishingDaze is an iOS app that lets you document your fishing trips 🙂

Mobile App Product Company (Developed in Titanium)

  • We’ve developed a series of mobile field guides to classic cars!
  • Check out “Early Mustang Guide powered by infoGuide” (no longer in market, screenshots): iOS
  • Check out “Classic GTO Guide powered by infoGuide” (no longer in market, screenshots): iOS, Android
  • Check out the demo video for the Classic GTO Guide app.

Market Apps (Developed in Titanium)

Color Wisdom Cards by Tori Hartman:

Fishing Knot Tyer App:

  • Read about my adventures in developing a fishing knot mobile app !
  • Read about the updates I’ve made to the app here.
  • See screenshots of the app in Google Play (no longer in the market) here

Github Repositories (Titanium)

Navigation Controller:

The Navigation Controller framework was something I built during my days as a Titanium developer. This framework allows you to manage a stack of windows in Titanium, for both Android and iOS, through a single API. Many of the previous implementations have now been rendered useless due to Titanium APIs getting deprecated over the years.

This is the current working version, compatible with Titanium 3.2.0:

Denver Titanium Users Group:

Also back when I was a Titanium developer and Titan, I ran the Denver Titanium Users Group for a couple of years. Here are the notes from that time.

We’ve had a couple of evening-long hack nights at the Denver Titanium Users Group. These hack nights turned out to be pair-programming sessions where I (or another mentor) would work with a beginner Titanium programmer to code in 15 minute increments. The results are the projects you see here, posted to the Denver Titanium Users Group github account. Not bad for an evening’s work. Good times!


For notes on my IoT hackathons, go to the Internet of Things page on this site.

Parking Thief (Titanium App):