I enjoy learning new technologies and sharing what I’ve learned with others! You will often find me undertaking side projects on my own initiative, speaking and teaching on technologies I’ve learned at local meetups and conferences, and at workshops for beginning programmers and under-represented groups in tech. As a woman in tech, I’ve experienced a lot of challenges in my career, many of them systemic. Because of this, I’ve been giving back to organizations that support women and girls in technology, and hope to be a part of the change that I see taking place now with a drive for inclusion and diversity. By showing up and being present, I hope to provide a safe space for under-represented groups to learn and be a part of the tech world. After attending the women’s breakfast at WWDC in 2018, where the topic was, “describe yourself in 6 words”, I think the 6 words that describe me (for now, this is a work in progress 😉 ), are:

Helping Others Find A Safe Space

Contact me to discuss how I can help your org provide a safe space for under-represented groups in tech!

Video of the talk I gave on the benefits of being a polyglot at 360iDev in 2020:

As of 2023, I’m making a change to this page. This page used to be Speak, Teach, Mentor. In addition to those roles, I have increasingly been taking on more leadership activities and roles as well, both at work and as a volunteer in tech communities such as Women Who Code. Also, teaching and mentoring have a lot in common, so I will combine those into “Teach”.

So, from now on, this will be my growing list of speaking, teaching, and leading activities. Enjoy! 🙂

Speak, Teach, Lead










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