Google Products for ECommerce Developers

Let’s face it, Google is taking over the world and I am somewhat terrified of it. But on the other hand, they have come out with some cool stuff. Some of these tools can help make the lives of ecommerce developers and businesses a little bit easier. In particular, take a look at Google Checkout. It’s become a viable competitor to PayPal. Read this article for more.

The Increasing Importance of Google Maps and Local Seo

Local small businesses should not rely on seo alone for their online marketing needs. For one, Google is constantly changing their algorithms for search engine rankings. It gets expensive to keep up and is difficult to sustain. That being said, utilizing seo wisely as only one piece of your online marketing puzzle is a good investment. If you’re a small local business, you should get yourself listed on Google Maps. What have you got to lose? It’s free.

Read this article to learn more about Google Maps and Local Seo.

How To Choose Between Versus

You’re ready to build a website. You’ve heard a lot of good things about WordPress and decide that’s the direction you want to go. Maybe you’ve heard it’s a great way to get a blog up and running quickly. Or you need a content management system, or both. But wait! Now you hear that there’s two versions of WordPress – and What do you do!? But wait, there’s more…