Here’s a sample of some of the accolades for Sunfish Empire LLC:

Paul Swanson, System Architect at Minitex:

I managed Vui for two years on the SimplyE project and was always struck by her motivation to not only improve herself but to help those on the team. She would motivate her co-workers to not only improve their technical skills but to take part in building community among the team and field. There wasn’t a time when Vui returned from an event and hadn’t built a new connection with someone. She would learn and grow from all of these connections and focus this into her technical work. She has a strong sense of resolve and dedication to solving the technical hurdles in her work. She will research and develop solutions that will hold up for the long term and aren’t just quick fixes that cause problems later down the road. She demonstrated a vast amount of patience in both solving new technical problems and dealing with changing requirements. Finally, she cares about the success of the projects that she works on and will perform not just as a developer, but as an advocate for her coworkers and the software that she is developing.

Grace Metri, Intel IoT Innovator Program World Wide Tech Lead:

Vui was selected as an Intel IoT Innovator and she has been an amazing contributor to the program. She has been volunteering to engage with the developer community to educate them about the use of Intel IoT Developer kits and she has been building IoT Demos.

One of her strength is her ability to quickly learn about new developer tools and use them to build creative projects. Not only is she able to build prototypes quickly but she is also able to clearly document her projects and create tutorials to easily teach developers to replicate those projects.

Vui has definitely great communication skills which were exhibited during her technical presentations (Personally, I was able to attend 2 of them).
In addition, I’ve supported her request to fund a project that she submitted an abstract for. Based on her abstract, I was able to determine her ability to clearly define a problem, solution, and the impact of completing the project. She also supported 2 different hackathons where she provided technical support to the teams and served as a mentor. In one of the hackathons (Cleveland Clinic Health Hackathon), the team that she supported and mentored ended up winning the hackathon.

Please note that the innovator program is by invitation only. We select developers from the community who have the technical skills and the passion to give back to the community through organizing and/or leading technical events such as meetups, hackathons, and workshops.

Jeanette Head, Software Engineer at Pivotal Tracker:

I’ve worked with Vui at several RailsBridge events, teaching Rails, JavaScript, and iOS to beginner programmers. As an event organizer for the past two years, I can confidently say that Vui is one of our best volunteers. She brings technical expertise to teach and answer questions patiently while building a sense of community with our students.

At each event we usually get a handful of completely new programmers. We like to form them into a group where they can receive lots of hands on guidance and have the most successful first experience programming possible. Vui is a teacher we can count on to deliver this experience to them. At our very first iOS workshop a year ago, she learned the curriculum, updated it, and taught it. It was hugely successful and a bunch of women who had never coded before built a working tip calculator app. Along the way, she shared some of her experiences in tech, and encouraged students to open up and talk about their goals and dreams.

Over the course of several events I’ve been impressed and thankful for Vui’s willingness to step up and contribute above and beyond our expectation for volunteers by teaching and helping prepare the curriculum. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Eric Richardson, CEO at infoGuide Apps:

As CTO of our company, infoGuide Apps, Vui was responsible for implementing our flagship product. She was there every step of the way, from product conception, to architecture and design, development, testing, and product launch. She even helped me adapt an open-source Python file management project into a graphic editing and sorting tool to manage our company’s library of images, without which our product wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks to Vui’s skills in Appcelerator Titanium, we were able to deliver both the Android and iOS versions of the GTO Guide and the Mustang Guide using a single codebase.

In addition to her technical skill, her drive and grit were crucial to our company’s ability to deliver our apps. We would not have made it through a lot of difficult times without her positive attitude and self-motivation. I would love the opportunity to work with her again.

Waqas Ahmed, Software Engineer at GWS Production AB:

Vui is an experienced and certified Titanium developer. We worked together delivering a multiplatform application using the Alloy framework. Vui took responsibility for and delivered the map functionality, which was one of the most complex and challenging parts in the application. It was a pleasure to work with Vui. She is a fun person, and always calm and balanced throughout the project, even in stressful situations, always communicating clearly.

Greg DiPaolo, Developer Community Director at Appcelerator:

I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Vui in her capacity as the organizer of the Denver Titanium User Group and as an experienced Titanium developer. I’m continually impressed with Vui’s enthusiasm, ability to organize and evangelize and her in-depth knowledge of Titanium. She’s dedicated, knowledgeable and has a strong thirst for helping others understand the technology. Vui was also recently awarded the “Titan of the Month” award for her dedication to the community and willingness to help others grow and build robust mobile applications.

Sandra Slowey, Project Manager at Magpie Software Services:

Vui is a conscientious mobile developer who specializes in Titanium, architecture, and high-quality code. I appreciated that she really cared about the overall long-term success of the project and not just meeting the immediate need. She’s able to provide foresight, leadership and structure in order to reach the project goals.

Jesse Seavers, COO of fleetCreature and Director of Business Development at Plebeian Apps:

Vui has been amazing in providing clear guidance, structure, and mentorship in our efforts to develop our cross-platform mobile app. I highly recommend working with her.

The Color Wisdom Cards by Tori Hartman app has been published to the  iTunesGoogle Play, and  Nook  markets under Plebeian Apps.

Terry Gold, CEO of Gold Systems:

I would like to recommend Vui Nguyen as one of the most professional and knowledgeable software contractors that I have ever worked with. Gold Systems engaged with Vui to work on a mobile development project that was just getting started. What was different about Vui was that she stepped in, and in addition to bringing her technical abilities, she brought leadership and strategy abilities to the project. She fit right into our culture and was a great addition to the team.