Welcome to my site, dear readers! My name is Vui Nguyen (pronounced “vooey nwen”) and I am a Denver, CO native and CTO of infoGuide Apps. Also, an avid fisherwoman. **

Prior to becoming CTO of infoGuide Apps, I have been a software developer with over 15 years of experience in Java, enterprise, web, and mobile development at large companies and as a freelance consultant.

As the CTO and lead software developer of infoGuide Apps, I am responsible for developing our flagship product, “infoGuide”.

infoGuide is a white label app, or mobile app framework, which means this app can be used for many purposes, just by adding a different database and company branding.

Once custom data and branding is added to infoGuide, it becomes a product — a field guide to help you learn about anything you’re interested in, using pictures and textual information, in particular any data that can be categorized in a taxonomy. Examples of its potential uses are: product catalogs, field guide to birds, and our initial use case, field guide to classic cars. In fact, we are currently targeting the classic car hobby industry, in order to build a series of field guides to classic cars.

Since I’m using Titanium to develop infoGuide *, I have also become a Titanium Certified Expert and an Appcelerator Titan (a recognized Titanium expert and evangelist). So, in my “spare time”, I help promote Titanium by writing this blog and I was the Organizer for the Denver Titanium Users Group for over two years.

At the moment, I am learning native iOS development in Swift!

If there’s an opportunity for us to collaborate, please drop me a line and say ‘hi’.

To learn more about infoGuide Apps, please contact us here.

All the best,

Vui, aka @sunfishgurl of Sunfish Empire

* Titanium from Appcelerator is an open source platform that allows developers to create native iOS and Android applications from a single JavaScript-based SDK. This enables you to build a single application in JavaScript, which is then compiled into native code, with the same look and feel as a native application.

** A sunfish is an actual fish you can catch in Colorado, where I live. Sunfish, along with bluegills (like the one I’m holding in the picture) and others in the pan fish family, are a group of small fish that fight hard! I am small and soft-spoken, but I am strong, intelligent, a leader, and one hell of a programmer. Don’t count me out because of my size.:) And why Empire in Sunfish Empire? Well, who says I can’t own an empire someday?😛