Welcome to my site, dear readers! My name is Vui Nguyen (pronounced “vooey nwen”) and I am a Denver, CO native. I’m an Intel Innovator specializing in the Internet of Things. My areas of expertise include full-stack development in JavaScript and Node; and mobile development using Titanium* for Android and iOS and Swift for iOS. I’m also the CTO of infoGuide Apps where we build mobile field guide apps for classic cars, and an avid fisherwoman. **

Prior to my current adventures, I have been a software developer with over 15 years of experience in Java, enterprise, web, and mobile development at large companies and as a freelance consultant.


If there’s an opportunity for us to collaborate, please drop me a line and say ‘hi’.

To learn more about infoGuide Apps and our classic car mobile apps, please contact us here.

All the best,

Vui, aka @sunfishgurl of Sunfish Empire

* Titanium from Appcelerator is an open source platform that allows developers to create native iOS and Android applications from a single JavaScript-based SDK. This enables you to build a single application in JavaScript, which is then compiled into native code, with the same look and feel as a native application.

** A sunfish is an actual fish you can catch in Colorado, where I live. Sunfish, along with bluegills (like the one I’m holding in the picture) and others in the pan fish family, are a group of small fish that fight hard! I am small and soft-spoken, but I am strong, intelligent, a leader, and one hell of a programmer. Don’t count me out because of my size. 🙂 And why Empire in Sunfish Empire? Well, who says I can’t own an empire someday? 😛